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July 25, 2014
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Thank you Torah Academy

Thank you Torah Academy for Donating nearly the ENTIRE library from the closed Summit Montessori School to Huntington’s Disease Assistance Foundation.
These books were a resources for preschool through middle school!

Stacks of books were donated on science, world history, math workbooks, multicultural stories, animals, dinosaurs,   holiday books, chapter books, young readers as well as classic stories and fable books. There was something for everyone.

Hundreds of Children’s Books were been sold to raise money for HDAF and we really appreciate all the support.

April 29, 2014
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Yard Sale Success!!!

Most of you may remember back on March 9th,  we had a great yard sale to raise money for HDAF. We did the sale on a Sunday of all days (the most unheard of day to have a yard sale we were told). That is why I’m so pleased to report that we raised over $1170. An unprecedented amount for a yard sale on any day. The sale went on all day for over 11 hours and the whole team push themselves. We had to do very little haggling and asked for fair cash donation for the items people wanted buy. The items we didn’t sell that day are still selling on line and bringing us additional donation. Thank to the whole HDAF team Amanda, Brad, Lisa, and volunteers Jodie, Craig, Harvey, Linda, Karen, Molly, Lindsey, George and Sky plus all the neighbors who kept coming back to give more.

You guys are the best, thank you.


January 27, 2014
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Donation Button Added!

We now have a donation button right here on our website. We’ve gotten a number of requests from potential donors to include this feature and we want to thank you all for your patience while it took a few days. Check out the donate buttons, they’re located on all the pages at the right above our Twitter feed. You can contribute via PayPal or major credit card.

Thank you for your support,

And if you would like to donate directly with a check go to the contact page, fill out the form and someone will contact you back right away.


January 21, 2014
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Alive & Well Screening Last Night

WOW! What a great event we had last night.
We nearly sold out the whole theater!! A huge HDAF thank you to our donors  and  to all those who attended, donated, or bought raffle tickets, thank you a million times over.
There was an amazing outpouring of support for the work were doing to raise awareness and funding to help people living with or effected by Huntington’s Disease.

Join the conversation, donate, volunteer.


January 19, 2014
by hdassistancefoundation
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Paragon Theater Donates to HDAF

Monday at 7:30 pm is the screening of  Alive & Well,   a documentary about Huntington’s Disease at the Paragon Deerfield 8,  3984 W Hillsboro Blvd Deerfield Beach, FL.  Thank you Paragon for hosting this screening and donating 10% of concession sale proceeds to Huntington’s Disease Assistance Foundation.

What people are saying about the film

January 9, 2014 by hdassistancefoundation | Comments Off

“This movie has made a profound contribution to the lives of all the HD patients a                “This movie has made a profound contribution to the lives of all the HD patients and their families. It was such an honour and privilege to be a part of it.” -Dr. Michael Hayden

I attended the premiere with a friend who knew NOTHING about HD and 2 friends who knows a tiny bit about HD (only because of me). They all are now more enlightened and we are all learning more. Through this movie, I discovered a former soccer teammate/friend of nearly 10 years is also at-risk for HD just like me. We had NO idea about one another’s situation. We haven’t seen each other in years but will be reconnecting soon to share our stories and support one another. Additionally, while waiting in line last night I met a friend of a friend who recently tested positive for HD. He and I will be connecting soon too.

My family is 2500 miles away and aside from attending a few support group meetings 4 years ago, I’ve had no one to talk to about this. Your movie has started dialog and it’s got my hairs on my arms raised thinking about how this rare disease may not be as rare as originally believed. It really makes me think of of ActUp and Silence=Death. Thanks for helping break the silence!” -Dan

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“What a beautiful and touching movie!! I cried the entire time and left feeling inspired. Courtney’s segment was incredible. She is so brave! I loved seeing her spreading my dad’s ashes at the top of the mountain.

You told each story with so much love and respect. Katy’s story absolutely breaks my heart. She is so strong. I saw a lot of similarities between Mandy’s experience and my own life.

I always felt like we were the only ones in the world living with this disease. It is inspiring to see everyone openly telling their stories. You are changing the world! Congratulations!! Thank you!!” -Kerry

“Filled with peace and joy, reflecting on the big things that matter: loved ones and life in the moment.” -Pamela

“This movie has made a profound contribution to the lives of all the HD patients and their families. It was such an honour and privilege to be a part of it.” -Dr. Michael Hayden

“I was so moved by ‘Alive and Well.’ Your movie really got the message out about Huntington’s disease and the photography was so beautiful. I loved the nature shots between each documentary about someone dealing with Huntington’s…The free ticket gave me a big reason to donate to HDSA.org.” -Birgtta

“Thank you so much for inviting us all to share your film. It was truly moving and inspiring and just beautiful to look at. Such tough subject matter, but presented so gracefully. I admit, I wept my way through it, but I never felt manipulated. Just deeply moved.” -Hannah

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