Huntington's Disease Assistance Foundation

Yard Sale Success!!!

Most of you may remember back on March 9th,  we had a great yard sale to raise money for HDAF. We did the sale on a Sunday of all days (the most unheard of day to have a yard sale we were told). That is why I’m so pleased to report that we raised over $1170. An unprecedented amount for a yard sale on any day. The sale went on all day for over 11 hours and the whole team push themselves. We had to do very little haggling and asked for fair cash donation for the items people wanted buy. The items we didn’t sell that day are still selling on line and bringing us additional donation. Thank to the whole HDAF team Amanda, Brad, Lisa, and volunteers Jodie, Craig, Harvey, Linda, Karen, Molly, Lindsey, George and Sky plus all the neighbors who kept coming back to give more.

You guys are the best, thank you.


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